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Bulk Seeds 

Welcome to our Bulk Seeds Page. Here you will find a general list of all bulk products (tree seeds and shrub seeds) as well as a category break down and some specialty seeds. Please email us your inquiries including the amount and type of seeds you are interested in and we will send you a price quote. 

Tree Seeds & Shrub Seeds

Tree seeds and shrub seeds have specific processing requirements depending on seed type. We offer large variety of tree seeds and shrub seeds that are tested in those parts of India that easily match with the climatic conditions of the client's country. At TPA, we offer high quality tree seeds and shrub seeds that have been cultivated in an environment that ensures their viability for a longer duration.

Palm seeds tend to have a short term viability after maturing, especially if any type of drying is involved. We've all seen palms loaded with seeds, ranging in size from those of the amazing double coconut , the largest seeds of the plant kingdom to tiny grains.

Most deciduous flowering shrubs require little more than regular maintenance pruning: removal of dead, diseased, or damaged branches whenever noticed.

Almost all the seeds are harvested and after a selecting process, most are immediately stored in the proper manner to keep them viable so that they can germinate easy when they arrive at our customers.

Fodder Crops are crops that are cultivated primarily for animal feed. By extension, natural grasslands and pastures are included whether they are cultivated or not. Fodder crops may be classified as either temporary or permanent crops.

At TPA we offer top quality hedge seeds from the newest hybrids to the old time heirloom varieties. For the serious gardener and hobbyist we feature exotic plant seeds, herbs, and those hard to find varieties.

Green manures are the cornerstone of ecologically sensible agriculture. They can provide outstanding benefits for the soil, crop and you. Growing a green manure crop is as easy as throwing out a handful of seed onto freshly cultivated ground, followed by raking to cover the seed.

We offer high quality fruit seeds suitable for all the climatic conditions. They are stored under conditions that make them suitable to fight dormancy. 

A lot of creepers and climbers can be grown from seed. Although some need special treatment, the seeds we offer don't require much treatment and germinate readily using conventional methods.

Conifers are faithful friends. Naturally shaped or nicely pruned, thorny or tender, golden or green-colored, they can be use to structure your gardens and parks. We offer high quality and viable conifer seeds.

Bamboo is a plant which has always fascinated the human eye. Many believe that the reasons why bamboo is so attractive to people is due to the great number of areas it could be used in: construction, musical instruments, hose pipes, decoration, controlling soil erosion, food.