Strelitzia Juncea 3 Seeds, Crane Flower Bird Of Paradise Evergreen Perennial

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Strelitzia Juncea
Also known as: Crane Flower, Bird Of Paradise

This is one of the most striking ornamental evergreen perennial plants in South Africa. It grows to a height of 1-2m, with long, upright, rigid, needle-like leaves, forming clumps which are attractive in their own right. Although the leaves are very different, the flowers are very similar to the traditional Strelitzia reginae. The flowers are a dramatic blue/purple and orange and have a distinctive shape resembling the head of a bird- hence the name 'crane flower'. Flowers appear from spring to summer, and make spectacular long lasting cut flowers.
They are slow growers, but once established are long lived. They require full sun to flower well, can survive with little water and can tolerate light frosts. Winter Hardiness: 25-30° F

This offer is for 3 seeds.

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