Prosopis Chilensis Shade Tree 8 Seeds, Chilean Mesquite Fodder

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Prosopis Chilensis
Also known as: Chilean Mesquite

Here is a medium-sized semi-evergreen, woody perennial tree reaching a height of about 14 m (46 ft). The canopy spreads to a mature width between 20 and 35 feet making it an excellent garden choice for providing light filtered shade and great for firewood. It was originally found in parts of central Chile, southern Peru and Andean (northwestern) Argentina.

It has moderate to dark green pinnate leaves, rough, dark bark, and a nice sculptural growth habit. They produce yellowish cream colored catkin flowers in the spring, followed by seed pods varying in shape and size. The leaves are used as fodder for livestock and the pods and seeds are of high nutritive value and are ground to make an animal feed. Honey bees, and several other species of bee, pollinate the flowers.
Most mesquites have thorns on immature growth, but thorn production should decrease as the tree matures and growth slows.

It is extremely adaptable and tolerant to a wide range of growing conditions. They adjust to little or abundant water and will survive during times of drought by slowing down their growth.
Plant in full sun where it will have room to grow. Water it often during the first year after planting with little to no supplemental water after establishment. Don't regularly water established mesquite trees, as this may cause structurally weak wood and an insufficient root system. Young Chilean mesquite trees do require pruning to shape. This tree produces frequent crossed branches and often grows sprouts around pruning wounds. Prune mature Chilean mesquite tree in the late fall to raise and thin the canopy or to remove occasional suckers.
USDA Hardiness Zone: 8 - 11

This offer is for 8 seeds.

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