Canarina Canariensis Vine 10 Seeds, Canary Island Bellflower Climber, Garden Flowers

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Canarina Canariensis
Also known as: The Canary Island Bellflower

Canarina is a genus of only three species, and this perennial comes from the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa. It is not bulbous, but grows from a rough, lumpy tuber, and it is a member of the Family Campanulaceae.

The bell-shaped flowers are a sight to see, and can hang up to 7cm long. Bursting with colors ranging from scarlet red, apricot orange, and yellow. It is a winter bloomer, and dormant during the summer. Which is nice that it produces color, when your other plants are not. It's yearly vegetation starts in early fall, and it does produce an edible black berry.

It's habit is climbing and would make a great patio plant or wall border, suitable for container. It will stay rather compact and small, only growing to a height of 1.5 to 3 meters tall, and can reach full grown in 2-5 years.
They are tender and need protection from any frost no matter what zone your in.

This offer is for 10 small seeds.