Dendrocalamus Hamiltonii 10 Seeds, Tama or Tufted Bamboo, Clumping Garden Fence

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Dendrocalamus Hamiltonii
Also known as: tama or tufted bamboo
Synonyms: Sinocalamus hamiltonii

A giant, evergreen, clumping bamboo native to the northeast Himalayas. It is found in South Asia, India, China, Bhutan, Nepal, and Pakistan in fine-textured soil.
It is a multipurpose bamboo with strong dull green culms which are often curved and mainly used for construction, roofing, handicrafts and fuel. The tender shoots are also used as food. It grows to about 10–18 cm in diameter and up to 23 meters in height.

It prefers a sunny to half-shady situation on moist soil. The substrate should be gritty loam. They tolerate temperatures only above at least 1°C (USDA zone 10) but some records indicate that they can handle down to 27F.
It belongs to the family of the Poaceae (Grass Family).

This offer is for 10 seeds.

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