Stictocardia Macalusoi Vine Seeds, Scarlet African Morning Glory, Garden Flower Climber

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Stictocardia Macalusoi
Also known as: The Scarlet African Morning Glory

There are 2 species that most people would say are extremely hard to tell apart, the Stictocardia Macalusoi which is offered here and the Stictocardia Bravensis which we also offered at one time. Some say this species S. Macalusoi blooms more, but that is just someone's opinion and not guaranteed.

Originating from South Africa, this rare indigenous woody climber comes from the Morning Glory Family. Mother Nature has a wonderful color combination here on her bell shaped blooms with crimson pink and yellow/orange like throat. The genus name Stictocardia means ‘dotted heart’ in reference to the dark glands at the lower leaf surface of the heart shaped leaves.

It is a perennial in warmer tropical areas and can bloom all year long. Does well in the ground where it can quickly cover a trellis or low branches of a taller tree. In colder regions it is suitable for a container, and can bloom just fine in a sunny window.

Easy to germinate from seed, and basic instructions are always provided.

This offer is for 2 Strictocardia Macalusoi seeds.

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