Vigna Caracalla 4 Seeds, Very Fragrant Corkscrew Climbing Vine

Vigna Caracalla
Also known as: The Corkscrew Vine

This fragrant full sun vine is absolutely beautiful & unique, rather hard to find...The blooms twist and curl with shades of sorbet colors, and oh so sweet smelling, sure to catch anyone's attention.

Very easy and VERY fast growing to 15-25 feet. Does well potted or right in the ground! Said to be a perennial in zones 9 and above, hardy too mid 20's. In colder areas, if cut back in the fall it can be protected with heavy mulch or brought to protection, said too come back with flying colors.

**This is NOT to be confused with the solid purple Caracalla variety that does not smell.

This offer is for 4 seeds.

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