Agapanthus Inapertus 6 Seeds, Drooping Lily of the Nile, Garden Flowers That Attracts Butterflies

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Agapanthus Inapertus
Also known as: the Lily of the Nile, or Drooping Agapanthus.

This is a drooping attractive, tuberous plant which occurs naturally in South Africa. The beautiful, dark blue to violet flowers are held in large dense heads on stalks up to 1.5m high. The individual flowers are tubular and pendulous (hence the common name "drooping Agapanthus"). The leaves are narrow, strap-shaped, grey-green and form a stem at the base of the plant. They are usually arranged in a fan shape.

Deciduous and goes completely dormant in the dry winter months. They are generally easy to cultivate and require little attention once established. They grow well in most soils, but will thrive in a rich, well drained, composted soil. Agapanthus should be planted in full sun for best flowering. They are strong growing and relatively pest free. This species is also suitable for cold areas as it will not be affected by frost, however in colder regions, these can be grown in a pot or tub to be wintered indoors, and clumps can be divided in the Spring.
Most often seen as a florist’s cut flower, and traditionally used as a good luck charm. Attractive to butterflies.

This offer is for 6 seeds.