Cassia Roxburghii 8 Seeds, Red Cassia Shower Tree, Blooming Landscape

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Cassia Roxburghii
Also known as: The Red Cassia, Shower Tree

A graceful tree native to Sri Lanka with spreading drooping branches appearing to be over weighted by its wealth of clustering pink, rose, or orange flowers. Gorgeous all year long, and blooms throughout the Summer.

The leaves are 1 foot long and each have 15-20 pairs of oblong 2 inch leaflets. It can be pruned to patio size, grown in a container or allowed to reach 40' feet. It loves heat, thrives in full sun or part shade, needs well-drained soils with regular watering. Evergreen anywhere in zones 9-11. Will not take long to bloom from seed.

This offer is for 8 seeds.

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