Delonix Decaryi Tree 5 Seeds, Near Threatened Fengoky, Poinciana Decaryi Garden Landscape And Bonsai

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Delonix Decaryi
Also known as: Fengoky, The Poinciana Decaryi

Delonix Decaryi is rated as near threatened. Found only in the dry spiny forest of south and south-western Madagascar, where it is confined almost entirely to the coastal forest margins.
The fragrant flowers are large (7-8 cm), with showy electric white petals; The 4 petals become yellowish or apricot color as they age.
The stamens (male parts) and style (female part) are pink or red. The pods are long and slender and measure about 35 x 3.5 cm.
It is a deciduous tree measuring 3-10 meters tall, with a swollen cigar-shaped trunk with flaking bark. The leaves are bipinnate (having leaflets which are themselves divided into leaflets).

In cultivation it is best suited to a warm temperate or tropical climate in USDA Zones 9b - 11. Avoid frost, and it prefers full sun as it makes a great shade tree or living fence. This species can adapt to (large) pot culture pruning, and shaping, making it an attractive and different flowering bonsai.

• Class: Equisetopsida
• Subclass: Magnoliidae
• Superorder: Rosanae
• Order: Fabales
• Family: Leguminosae/ Fabaceae - Caesalpinioideae
• Genus: Delonix

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This offer is for 5 seeds.

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