Dombeya Burgessiae African Small Tree 8 Seeds, The Pink Wild Pear or Apple Blossom

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Dombeya Burgessiae
Also known as: The Pink Wild Pear or Apple Blossom

Here is another hidden treasure from the far lands of KwaZulu to Tanzania, in South Africa and it’s in living color!
Due to its small dimensions of this tree is ideally suited to the town house or small garden as it seldom exceeds 4m in height and has a spread of about the same. Some gardeners may even class it as a large shrub and it certainly can be used in that fashion especially in larger gardens or estates where it is very showy planted in small groups. The leaves of this tree are large, velvety, soft and lobed, similar to grape leaves. Very tropical looking, flowering during the summer months.

Grows very well in light shade, which makes it ideal for planting under the canopy of other trees or against shady southern walls. This species is both easy and very fast growing.

Tolerant to both light frost and periods of drought. Flowers are often dried for floral arrangements.

This offer is for 8 seeds. Rather small but still manageable.

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