Strelitzia Reginea Seeds, Rare Mandela's Gold Bird Of Paradise Perennial

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Strelitzia Reginea Rare 'Mandela's Gold'
Also known as: The Bird Of Paradise

This is absolutely Mother Nature at her best! The rare vivid yellow form of the well known crane flower. Evergreen clump forming perennial, with grayish green banana-like leaves growing to a height of 1.5 meters. During the Winter & Spring the large bird-like flowers are held above the foliage on long sturdy stalks.

Very easy plants to grow and will thrive in most soils. Makes for striking decorative cut flowers. Regular deep watering during the summer. Not suitable for permanent outdoor cultivation in areas that have temperatures down to the low 30'sF (zone 9). Does well in big tubs or containers, as long as it has a sunny protected area in those climates. Filtered sun works best in sub-tropical, & tropical regions.

* Not recommended to be planted near the traditional orange Bird Of Paradise. Cross pollination could occur resulting in untrue 'Mandela's Gold'.

This offer is for 3 seeds.

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