Strophanthus Petersianus Shrub 6 Seeds, Sand Forest Poison Rope Bush

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Strophanthus Petersianus
Also known as: Sand Forest Poison Rope

A native of South Africa, and it a deciduous shrub up to 15 meters tall with oval, leathery dark green leaves. Interesting creamy-white flowers with burgundy markings in the center and burgundy on the outside. What makes this strange looking flower fantastic are the long, dangling lobes on the ends of the flower petals resembling long ‘tails’. It's been known to be used as a toxin for poison arrows by native tribes and in South Africa, the traditional Zulu people of current Kwa-Zulu Natal used it as a charm against evil.

A useful and worthwhile subject for warmer temperate areas and the subtropics and a Curious and handsome greenhouse subject. Hardy zones 10 and above. Cooler zones can still enjoy this beauty and it will still bloom just fine as a container plant.

This offer is for 6 seeds.