Strophanthus Speciosus 6 Seeds, Forest Poison Rope Shrub / Vine

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Strophanthus Speciosus
Also known as: The Forest Poison Rope

Native to Zimbabwe, S. Africa and Swaziland.
This is a rather rare and very showy scrambling shrub or strong woody vine. Leaves in whorls of three, narrowly elliptic, glossy green above, dull and paler below. Flowers in clusters at the ends of branches, the long, twisted corolla lobes are a pale yellow, and reddish brown towards the base. The fruit is a two-horned pod. The seeds contain a potent cardiac glycoside called strophanthin. The ground seeds are used by native people to make a deadly poison for their arrow tips. Strophanthins are also used in modern medicine to treat congestive heart failure.
If you can grow foxgloves, you can grow this.

This offer is for 6 fresh seeds.

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