Tillandsia Utriculata 30/100/500/1000 Seeds, Giant Wild Pine, Endangered Air Plant Bromeliad Family

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Tillandsia Utriculata
Also known as: Giant Wild Pine - Listed as endangered

Growth: the largest air plant in the Bromeliad family, having a spread of up to four feet; always a single plant -- no secondary plants (pups) produced from buds; the plant dies after flowering and seeding; equally adapted to the tops of cypress trees and lower branches, but prefers a moderately sunny to sunny location

Leaves: pale green, very wide at base; gradually tapering to a point; often twenty-four inches or more in length; grow outward from base and arch continually to give a cornucopia-like form
Flowers: stalk is erect, up to seventy inches tall, petals are cream colored to ivory white; blooms mid-summer to early fall, a few flowers at a time with the lowest flower opening first and the top flower last; entire bloom period may last up to three weeks
Notes: large plants frequently become to heavy for smaller host branches to support and fall to ground, but continue to grow, flower, and fruit normally as long as not in water.
We were lucky to have a number of these passed down from our late Grandmother, and here is our chance to keep them from going extinct!

Choose from packs of 30, 100, 500, or 1000 seeds!