Wercklea Ferox 5 Seeds, A Rare Costa Rican Shrub, Hibiscus Family Bush

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Wercklea Ferox

A rare shrub in the Hibiscus family originally from Costa Rica. A gem for any tropical plant collector! This plant gets large green round leaves with gorgeous red veins. The red color seems more visible on the underside of the leaves. Despite the beautiful foliage, these leaves do have pickers and touching them without gloves would not be recommended. This plant starts by forming red buds, only to pop out a yellow delicate Hibiscus-like flower. They are quite pretty as well, but often hidden from the large leaves. You can see them during the warmer months. Mature height can reach up to 15 feet. This plant can be grown in full sun to bright filtered light. It needs average water and fertilizer. Avoid freezing temperatures no matter what zone you are in. Seeds are small but still manageable and can take about 1 month to germinate.

This offer is for 5 seeds.

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