Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius 20/100/500 Tree Seeds, Pink Cedar Erosion Control Fodder

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Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius
Also known as: Pink Cedar, Australian ash, Indian ash

A large deciduous emergent tree native to Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand. Relatively rare in cultivation. An ideal and useful addition for the warm or hot exotic garden, attaining heights of 30-60 meters.

This tree, while still leafless in the Spring, has up to 20 dense heads of attractive and unusual scarlet reddish-green to orange flowers hanging from the branch ends with dripping nectar. The leaves are bright red when young, giving the tree its characteristic appearance. The foliage can be used as fodder, and is suitable for mulching. Fruit is an elongated and flattened pod, narrowly winged, 10-18 seeded. 

The wood of Pink Cedar is hard, strong, and very decorative . Because it physically resembles ash and walnut woods, it is used as a substitute for these two species. The wood is used in the construction of houses and in the manufacture of furniture and packing cases. In Africa the tree is planted to provide shade in coffee plantations. Very good for reforestation of open areas, and has been recommended for erosion control reinforcing riverbanks and stabilizing terraces. A good source of nectar and a good bee and bird forage.
It is sensitive to freezes and best suited to the tropics in USDA Zone 10 or above. Though some report that is can handle 25-30F.

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