Musa Nagensium 5 Seeds, Large Eastern Himalayan Banana Fruit

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Musa Nagensium

A recently discovered beautiful banana that has only been in cultivation for a very short time. It inhabits jungles from the eastern Himalayas to western Yunnan (China). Medium to large in size, it can reach over 20 feet high, with a very slender pseudostem which is one of its main characteristics. The pseudostem is dark in color, from reddish to purple, almost black. They are completely covered by a white wax, which added to the dark pseudostem gives them a really striking appearance. The leaves are very long, attached to the pseudostem by a very fine petiole. The abaxial surface of the leaf has a dark red midrib and the lamina is so waxy that it is nearly white. The arching inflorescence holds purple scarlet bracts and are very waxy, with strongly angled fruits. The bananas are inedible and stay green forever, but the wax coating makes them appear bluish. The seeds are among the largest of any Musa, and it will produces suckers.

It will make an outstanding ornamental for tropical and warm temperate climates. Said to recover from the cold more quickly than Musa sikkimensis. USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11.

This offer is for 5 seeds.