Tabebuia Rosea Tree 15 Seeds, Pink Poui Flowering Garden Ornamental Trumpet

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Tabebuia Rosea Tree
Also known as: Pink Poui, Pink Trumpet Tree, Tecoma Tree

Tabebuia is a genus containing around 100 beautiful species, many widely used in hot-weather gardens everywhere. In regions with a sharp division between wet and dry seasons the Pink Trumpet Tree annually sheds its foliage and the leafless branches are covered in the spring with clusters of pale to deep pink flowers with attractive yellow eyes and are trumpet shaped. As it matures, it will bloom all through the warm months and into fall for larger tree's. Native to Central America.

Fast growing to about 25-30 meters, more commonly 5-8 meters in the garden.
Makes an excellent shade tree, lawn or street tree, even a border plant. Well suited for the coastal garden, and is tolerant of salt spray. Prune after flowering if tree needs shaping. Grow where soil is moist and fertile in full sun. Grows well in zone 9B and can take short periods of frost that we know of.

This offer is for 15 seeds.