Erythrina Arborescens Tree 6/100 Seeds, Great For Smaller Yards and Gardens! Nitrogen Fixing

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Erythrina Arborescens
Also known as: The Eastern Coral Bean

A very useful nitrogen-fixing, wildlife-attracting tree. Native to the Himalayas, Northern India through Southern China . A short shrubby tree, growing to 10'-20' tall with slightly prickly trunk and branches, making it perfect for smaller landscaping areas. Large broad leaves are often absent when flowering - the flowers are large, bright and showy. For warm climates or tropical greenhouses, so it will not tolerate frost or freezing temperatures no matter what zone you're in. It can however be grown as a container plant as well, cut back in late autumn after leaves have shed.
Easily grown in any rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot in the summer.
Once you have seen one of these, you cannot help but to sit and stare at the blooms!

Choose from packs of 6 or 100 seeds.