Hedychium Ellipticum 8/50 Seeds, Shaving Brush Ginger, Hardy Rock Butterfly Lily

The Plant Attraction


Hedychium Ellipticum
Also known as: The Shaving Brush Ginger, Rock Butterfly Lily

Altogether this is an extremely attractive Ginger Lily native of Eastern Himalayas and Northeast India with broad, dark leaves and arching stems which are strongly patterned from the dark red edges of the clasping leaf bases and red ligules. Stems grow to about 4ft tall. The plant produces its delicately fragrant flowers at about 1.2 m, and they rise above the foliage. The cone-like structure from which emerges a mass of densely packed white flowers with long, projecting orange filaments, last for a period of a week or more. Showy flowers are produced all summer into the fall season. Hummingbirds and butterflies love them.

It likes a protected spot in the temperate garden. Grow in humus rich, moist but well-drained soil in sun/part shade. It is deciduous in winter and with plenty of mulch it is hardy to USDA zone 7.
For outdoor cultivation treat as a Canna.
Seeds will usually germinate in 20-45 days.
Not highly cultivated in the United States and it can be hard to find this spectacular species. Chances are you will not find this in your local nursery or home improvement stores.

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