Markhamia Lutea 20/100/500 Seeds, Nile Tulip Trumpet or Siala Shrub or Small Tree

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Markhamia lutea
Also known as: Nile tulip, Nile trumpet or Siala tree

This beautiful African ornamental is very rare in cultivation, while it deserves more attention among gardeners with tropical and subtropical plant collections. It's an evergreen shrub or small tree that grows to 4–5 m in height outside of its native zones, although it can reach more than 10 m in its zones of origin. Lush, tropical-looking leaves of 20–30 cm in length, normally arranged in groups in the ends of the branches. Flowers in terminal clusters. They are trumpet shaped, yellow in color, with orange-reddish spots in the throat. They measure 5–6 cm in length. The fruit capsules are very long, thin, brown about 75 cm in length, hanging in clusters and tending to spiral, splitting on the tree to release an abundant of seeds with transparent wings.

Used by different tribes across Africa for a number of purposes, including medicine. The tree is useful for erosion control, shade and shelter. It also provides mulch, which enhances soil-moisture retention and increases organic matter. The medicinal uses range from administration of the various plant parts alone, or in combination with, other plant parts to treat several health conditions. Way too many health benefits to list here so further research is needed.

Its small size makes it suitable for small gardens and courtyards, and as a good potential for containers. Drought-tolerant once established. It can be grown in a variety of well-drained soil types and prefers a sunny position. It will tolerate mild frost and brief periods of cold, although in this case it may lose leaves for winter. Suitable for outdoor planting in USDA zones 10 to 11.

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