Peltophorum Pterocarpum Tree 10/100/500 Seeds, Fragrant Flowering Ferrugineum Copper Pod

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Peltophorum Pterocarpum
Synonym: Peltophorum Ferrugineum
Also known as the: Yellow Poinciana Tree, Yellow Jacaranda, Copper pod

Resembling the Poinciana tree (Delonix Regia 'Flavida'), but not related to each other. This is a VERY showy umbrella shaped tree. 18" CLUSTERS of very fragrant flowers followed by copper colored seed pods which while hanging are very showy themselves.

Fast growing and vigorous, up to 50' tall and 25' wide. Needs moist, but well drained soil until established. Zones 9b-11, 27-28F MAX or very short periods of frost.

Most of our plants that are said to be able to handle short periods of frost, must still be protected during winter until they get well established, to be on the safe side!

This tree does well in semi-shade, but can tolerate full sun if well watered during growing season.

Choose from packs of 10, 100, or 500 seeds.