Phaseolus Coccineus Vine 10/50 Seeds, Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean Non-GMO

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Phaseolus Coccineus
Also known as: Scarlet Emperor, Runner Bean

This bean used by native Americans is stunning for the ornamental and nutritional value. It is a vigorous vine that will grow very tall over 10' and produces an abundance of scarlet red flowers that hummingbirds love to visit. Lush green foliage is often grown on a tee-pee shaped trellis to make a fun place for kids to play. The huge seeds are very colorful, violet-purple mottled in black.

Good for snap, shell or dry beans. The flowers offer a mild and sweet flavor. Use them to garnish or in salads, soups, and desserts. These beans like fairly cool weather. It is a perennial vine with tuberous roots (though it is usually treated as an annual). USDA Zones 7 - 11.
Originating from the mountains of Central America, now many U.S. gardeners have adopted the bean as a regular member of the vegetable garden.

Choose from packs of 10 or 50 big bean seeds (Non-GMO).