Thysanolaena Maxima 100-800+ Seeds, Ornamental Perennial Tiger Grass, Nepali

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Thysanolaena Maxima
Also known as: Tiger Grass, Broom Grass, Nepali

Here is a beautiful perennial grass plant found in the hilly regions of Nepal, northern and eastern parts of India, and Bhutan. It is highly ornamental and may be used to create the effect of bamboo, which it resembles, but to which it is not related. The flowers are used in remote regions to make brooms and decorative baskets.

Makes a great screening plant or hedge in a tight clumping formation. Also looks good alone or mixed in your garden among palms, bamboos and other tropical plants.
In the sun it needs water to look good during dry times but drought tolerant in shade. If planting it in the ground, choose your location wisely because it can be difficult digging it up, but transplants well with no real stress. Slow to start but once it's established it can grow quickly to 3 meters tall and you can cut it back to the ground every 3-4 years to refresh the plat if needed. It can handle short periods of frost, and will recover from frost damage as long as the ground does not freeze. For those of you in colder regions, don't worry it can be potted and still look tropical for porches, indoors, and lanais.

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