Cassia Tora 20/500 Seeds, Senna Tora A Wide Range Of Diverse Uses, Edible Herb Shrub

The Plant Attraction


Cassia Tora
Also known as: Sickle Pod, Sickle Senna Tora

Here is a highly valued plant seed found in many parts of the world. It grows abundantly in parts of Afghanistan, India, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan. It is an ancient Chinese herb and has many healing benefits. The seeds, roots and leaves from this plant has been shown to be very beneficial to the modern system of herbal medicines.
It is considered an annual weed with a height of 30 to 90 cm, and has a high stress tolerance, making it a very easy plant to grow.
The plant and seeds are edible.
Its roasted seeds have a favorable flavor, so it is used commonly as a tea in Korea. 

The leaves and the seeds are anticholesterolemic, antispasmodic, carminative, emollient, hepatic, ophthalmic and purgative. The powdered leaves are used in the treatment of indigestion and stomach pain.The leaves are used externally in the treatment of skin diseases. The seed contains anthraquinones and naphthopyrones. It is anthelmintic, antibacterial, antifungal and hepatic. The seed is used in Korea to treat constipation, oedema, glaucoma, nyctalopia and to protect the liver. A paste made from the seed is used externally in Nepal to treat leucoderma, leprosy and itchy skin. A paste made from the roots, mixed with lemon juice (Citrus limon) is applied as a poultice to treat ringworm. A decoction of the fruit is used in the treatment of fevers.
Overall this species has a wide range of diverse uses, to many to list here and further research is advised.

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