Morinda Citrifolia 15 Seeds, Noni Cheese Fruit Shrub Small Tree Indian Mulberry



Morinda citrifolia
Also known as: Noni, Indian Mulberry, Great Morinda, Cheese Fruit, Vomit Fruit, Awl Tree

A fruit-bearing evergreen shrub or small tree in the coffee family, Rubiaceae. Its native range extends across Southeast Asia and Australasia, and was spread across the Pacific. The species is now cultivated throughout the tropics and widely naturalized. It can be found in shady forests, as well as on open rocky or sandy shores. It may grow up to 9 m (30 ft) tall but typically to only about 10-18' tall, and has large, dark green, shiny and deeply veined leaves. It should reach maturity in about 18 months, and bear flowers and fruits all year round.

The fruit are oval in shape and reach 10–18 centimeters (3.9–7.1 in) in size. At first green, the fruit turns yellow then almost white as it ripens. The fresh fruits strong odor has made it a famine food in most regions, but it remains a staple food among some cultures, and has been used in traditional medicine. In the consumer market, it has been introduced as a supplement in various formats, such as capsules, skin products, and juices.

It is tolerant of saline soils, drought conditions, and secondary soils. It is therefore found in a wide variety of habitats. Grows in full to partial sun. Plants will not survive temperatures below 35-40 degrees F. Where not winter hardy, plants may be grown indoors in large containers in bright light with consistently moist soils (less drought tolerant indoors). USDA Zones 11-12

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