Stuantonia Latifolia 20 Seeds, Fragrant Edible Holboellia Sausage Fruit Vine Shrub

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Stuantonia latifolia
Also known as: Sausage Vine, Holboellia latifolia

Here is a woody, evergreen perennial vine native to the Himalayan Mountains of Southeast Asia that has the potential to offer its unique qualities to a variety of landscapes. Formerly referred to as Holboellia latifolia. This species produces multicolored sweet-scented flowers throughout the spring, followed by the development of a purple-red edible fruit in the late summer to early fall. It has a vining growth habit, and requires support to remain healthy. Plants can reach a height and width of up to five meters in maturity. While there is a sensory appeal to the fragrant flowers and colorful, melon-flavored fruit, the shiny leaves provide further landscape allure. This species is well suited for both edible and ornamental landscapes in USDA zones 8-11. It requires moderately light, consistent soil moisture.

This offer is for 20 seeds.