Bauhinia Tomentosa 15 Seeds, Yellow Bell Small Orchid Tree Shrub, St. Thomas

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Bauhinia Tomentosa
Also known as: Yellow Bauhinia, Yellow Bell Orchid Tree, St. Thomas

This beautiful plant can be found along the coastal strip from southern KwaZulu-Natal to Maputoland, Mpumalanga as well as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, tropical Africa and as far as India and Sri Lanka. It is found in woodland, riverine bush and coastal dune bush.

It is a medium to large shrub to a small tree, up to 4m in height. Attractive, light green leaves are divided into two lobes, with a leathery texture, carried on branches that are often drooping. It produces large bell-shaped, bright to pale yellow flowers with a black to deep maroon colored center in mid to late summer. The flowers are rich in pollen and nectar, attract various insects such as butterflies and bees. In turn these insects will attract insect eating birds. The fruits are pea like pods, slender, velvety and are light green, turning a pale brown with age. Bark is gray or brown.

The wood is used to make rafters for huts and the dried leaves and flower buds, and the roots and bark are used in traditional medicine in Africa and India. Importantly, the seeds are said to be poisonous. Also, handling the plant can cause an allergic reaction.
Plant it singly or in groups. It does not have aggressive roots and may be cultivated close to buildings. It is suitable for rockeries, shrubberies, and large containers, on patios or next to swimming pools. It tolerates various soil types if it is well-drained with compost added to enrich it. USDA zones 9-11.

This offer is for 15 seeds.