Caesalpinia Decapetala 10 Seeds, Biancaea Shrub Mysore Thorn Cat's Claw

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Caesalpinia decapetala
Also known as: Biancaea decapetala, Mysore Thorn, Cat's Claw, Shoofly

Here is a large climbing deciduous shrub with a broad native distribution across tropical and sub-tropical Asia and is widely introduced in Africa, South America and Australia. It generally grows to about 10m tall with sprawling branches, forming large impenetrable thickets with curved thorns on young branches. The perfect Spring flowers are usually 2.5-3 cm in diameter and pale yellow or yellow in color (occasionally whitish). They are arranged in upright, elongated clusters at the tips of the branches. Leaves are bipinnate, double-compound.

Used as a ornamental and security hedge landscaping plant but can become weedy in some regions. The bitter tasting stems and roots can be used medicinally, while other parts of the plant are useful in the chemical industry. The fruits and bark are rich in tannin. With an oil content of 35 percent, the seeds serve as a source of lubricant and soap. It prefers light textured and well-drained soils but it is able to adapt to all inhabited areas of the world except in extreme desert climates. Frost tolerant.
USDA zone 7-10

This offer is for 10 seeds.