Callicarpa Dichotoma 40/200/400 Seeds, Hardy Ornamental Purple Beauty Berry Shrub Bush

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Callicarpa Dichotoma
Also known as: The Purple Beauty Berry Shrub.

This deciduous shrub is native to Korea, Japan, and China and it is grown for its rows of shocking lilac-violet colored fruit berries. Its long arching branches often touch the ground, giving it an elegant shape. Small pink flowers in summer are followed by these fruit berries that ripen in September and last through October. It also has a good yellow fall color as well.

It grows in Northern climates 3'-4' tall with a slightly greater spread. In areas with more mild winters it can reach 6'-8' tall. Cold hardy down to zone 5. It enjoys either full sun or full shade.
It is also great for attracting birds and butterflies!

*Not to be confused with the 'Beauty Bush'

Each dried berry contains approximately 4 seeds.

Above choose from packs of:
10 berries/40 seeds
50 berries/200 seeds
100 berries/400 seeds