Duabanga Grandiflora Edible Shade Tree 100+ Seeds, Rare Tropical Large Flowers

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Duabanga Grandiflora

This beautiful tall tree is native to Cambodia, Eastern India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam where it is found in evergreen rain forests. It is rare everywhere else in the world and certainly not in cultivation.
It grows up to 30m in height and has large buttresses. Buttresses are support structures that grow at the base of a tree trunk that provide a wide base and additional support for tall trees that grow in shallow or poor soil to prevent them from tipping over.
The large leaves of this species are 18-30 cm long and 6-10 cm wide and are arranged opposite of each other in a single plane on the branches. The flowers are arranged in clusters containing 3-20 flowers that grow at the ends of the branches. The white flowers can get large, with 4-8 petals, but they contain up to 50 stamens (pollen producing structures) which stick out beyond the petals. Said to have a brief unpleasant odor when blooms open up, but goes away.
The wood of this species is used for timber, and the bark is used as a fish poison. The fruits and leaves are boiled to make a black dye. The raw fruit is edible and can be used to make an acidic refreshing drink. They can be boiled and used as a vegetable as well.

It is a fast growing species and does best in a sunny position in warm humid climates. No matter what zone your in, treat it as a tropical that cannot tolerate frost.
Family: Lythraceae

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