Ensete Superbum 5 Seeds, Rare Hardy Rock Or Cliff Banana Ornamental Tree

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Ensete superbum
Also known as: The Rock Banana, Cliff Banana

One of the most beautiful banana plants around.
A delightful species originating from India but can also be found growing at the rim of forests in Burma and Thailand, often on rocky ground and at some altitude. The beautiful bright green/grey leaves can reach a length of about 5’. The blooming plant can reach a height of 10’ to 12’ while the dark brown-red inflorescence is held well above the larger leaves. The pseudostem is very short so the plant has rather the appearance of a huge nest-fern. The midrib has a red blush on the underside of the leaves. The foliage is spectacular! It is best planted as a focal point on a lawn or in a small group making it suitable for a garden or park.
Known for the medicinal value, the seeds are widely used by traditional healers to treat diabetes, leucorrhoea, and kidney stone. 
The species can be rather rare and hard to find. This banana, unlike many others, does not produce suckers and only reproduces by seed. It is monocarpic, which means it flowers, set seed, and then will die.
Hardiness: USDA zone 8-10

This offer is for 5 seeds.