Gardenia Thunbergia 10 Seeds, Fragrant Wild Evergreen Tree Plants / Shrub Hedge

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Gardenia Thunbergia
Also known as: Wild Gardenia, Forest Gardenia, White Gardenia

A sturdy gorgeous shrub or small tree endemic to the Southern and Eastern regions of South Africa and neighboring territories such as Swaziland. It's an evergreen that will grow 2-5 meters tall with large, creamy-white tropical looking flowers that are strongly perfumed, notably at night and typical of moth-pollinated plants. The flowers are followed by woody, greyish, egg-shaped fruits. These hard decorative fruits are difficult to open, and the seed needs to be extracted by smashing or sawing through the woody shells. If not removed from the plant, they can remain on the bush for years.

Roots are widely used in Africa to treat skin diseases, and skin lesions caused by leprosy. The roots are also used as an emetic against fever. The root bark is used as an emetic for biliousness, and to treat gallbladder problems. The roots and leaves are used in various parts of Africa to treat syphilis, and the latex is used as a purgative. The wood is heavy, dense and extraordinarily hard, a pleasing yellowish color, and it presents a high luster when polished. It also has the unusual ability to bend without breaking, but its use is limited because it is difficult to find large pieces. It is used for making buttons, tools, clubs, yokes, axles and implement handles.

Easy to grow, although it is slow-growing. It does best in slightly acid, light, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter added and regular deep watering. Mulch thickly and regularly. It may need to be pruned to keep it shapely, or in scale with its container. Pruning should be done after flowering or just before the new growth appears. Although it is moderately drought tolerant, drought stress can cause buds to fall before opening. Gardenia thunbergia tolerates a winter minimum 25-30F although young plants will require protection from frost. It looks good as a specimen plant on a lawn as part of an informal hedge or shrubbery, or planted beside a pond or a stream. It also makes a good pot plant in a large container or for bonsai.

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