Gardenia Volkensii ssp Spathulifolia 6 Seeds, Fragrant Shrub Or Small Tree

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Gardenia Volkensii ssp Spathulifolia
Also known as: Bushveld Gardenia, Transvaal Gardenia

The Bushveld Gardenia is a lovely shrub or small tree, 3-7m high with long narrow glossy dark leaves with wavy margins and large white showy flowers that turn yellow as they age, from spring to summer. The fragrant flowers are followed by ornamental grey-green fruit with white encrustations. The light brown, disc-shaped flat seeds are about 0.5cm long and are contained within the fruits whitish-grey acidic pulp. 
This small branchy, deciduous tree has a relatively dense crown and a short thick and often fluted trunk. Bark is pale grey, smooth on young branches. In older parts, bark is flaking in small, fairly thick sections, resulting in a molted appearance.

The plants are relatively slow-growing but make an attractive garden plant in sunny, well-drained spots and does not withstand water logging. They are fairly drought-resistant but not resistant to frost. They have a non-aggressive root system and are therefore suitable for small gardens as well as patios. This Gardenia also makes a beautiful bonsai plant. 

Widely distributed in east, central and southern Africa. The fruits and roots are used in the treatment of a variety of ailments, including asthma, infertility, earache, sore eyes, epilepsy and headache. Ashes from burnt roots are placed on the chest as a treatment for pneumonia.

This offer is for 6 small seeds.