Gliricidia Sepium Flowering Tree 20/100/500 Seeds, Nitrogen Fixing Medicinal Landscape

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Gliricidia Sepium

A beautiful flowering medium-sized leguminous tree belonging to the family Fabaceae is believed to be the most widely cultivated multipurpose tree!

It has been integrated into indigenous farming practices being used for living fences, animal forage, green manure, and crop shade. Easily propagated and grows quickly to 10-12 meters high, it has also been suggested that this species may be planted to reduce topsoil erosion.

Gliricidia's hard, heavy wood makes it ideal for fuel wood. A vital energy source in tropical regions and areas where gas and propane are not as accessible or affordable. Due to the wood's durability and its resistance to weathering and disease, it is also used for furniture, tool handles, posts and even heavy construction purposes.

G. Sepium is also used for its medicinal and insect repellent properties!

The pea-flowered blooms have a bright pink to lilac color that is tinged with white and grow on racemes of 2"-5" long. It does not tolerate frost.

A highly recommended nitrogen-fixing tree used throughout
the world for the many environmental services and products
it provides.

Choose from packs of 20, 100, or 500 seeds.