Melianthus Major Shrub 5 Seeds, Exotic Fragrant Giant Honey Bush

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Melianthus Major
Also known as: Giant Honey Bush

The lush growth, coupled with its large, exotic feather-like leaves, has made this South African shrub as fashionable as cannas, bananas and tree ferns for those looking to bring a touch of the jungle to their back gardens. This fast-growing evergreen open shrub can grow up to 12 feet tall or more and spread rapidly by sucker roots.
The one foot long bluish-green leaves have 10-15 serrated leaflets and when bruised have a strong salty peanut butter-like smell. Spikes of dark maroon-colored flowers that have a slight honey fragrance are displayed on stalks above the foliage from May to August followed by papery seed pods.

In the wild, the flowers are pollinated by birds attracted by the nectar in each of the little flowers. So much nectar is produced that it overflows on to the stems and splashes the foliage.

Although toxic when taken internally, it is used medicinally by the local people. They mostly use the leaves to make poultices and decoctions that are applied directly to wounds, bruises, backache and rheumatic joints.

It prefers a warm, sunny position with good drainage. Although quite tough and adaptable, it will flourish in deep, rich soil, especially if given plenty of water. Shelter from cold and wind, and protect from excessive winter moisture. Where not hardy, grow in a cold greenhouse and plant or stand outside in the summer. It will resprout annually from the base where temperatures do not fall below 23°F, and treat it as a perennial in warmer regions. Grows very easily and fairly fast from seeds or cuttings, and will make a show within a few months.

This offer is for 5 seeds.