Psoralea Pinnata Shrub 8 Seeds, Cold Hardy Kool Aid Bush or Small Tree

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Psoralea Pinnata
Also known as: The Kool Aid Bush, or Fountain Bush

A gorgeous fast growing shrub or small tree, which grows up to 4 meters high, with blue, lilac and white, pea-shaped flowers. Strong fragrance of grape kool aid. It's super hardy and also tolerates snow (25-30 degrees F), so you can push the boundaries on this one! It will also grow in dry arid areas so this is one plant anyone can grow with confidence but ideally it should be planted along a stream or in an area which receives a substantial amount of water.
This is a must have plant and can be grown as bonsai as well!

It is best grown from seed as it is very difficult to grow from cuttings so you will not see this rare plant in most nurseries.

This offer is for 8 seeds.