Rhus Typhina 100 Seeds, Staghorn Sumac Cold Hardy Native Shrub Tree

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Rhus typhina
Also known as: Staghorn sumac, Velvet sumac

Here is a suckering deciduous shrub or small tree prized for its spectacular fall foliage and showy fruits. Native to North America. Colony-forming up to 15-25 ft tall with crooked, leaning trunks, picturesque branches and velvety twigs. Very effective on slopes for erosion control. On female plants, yellow-green flowers are followed by fuzzy, bright red berries in erect, pyramidal clusters which persist throughout winter. The flowers attract honeybees and the berries are loved by gamebirds, songbirds, large and small mammals. Indians made a lemonade-like drink from the crushed fruit. Large, bright-green, pinnately-compound leaves become extremely colorful in early fall. The tannin-rich fruit, bark and leaves were used to tan hides. The leaves and fruits were boiled to make black ink, and the dried leaves were an ingredient in smoking mixtures.

Prefers full sun for the best fall coloring and is easily grown in average, moist, well drained soils. Seeds benefit from a 30+ day cold stratification period for germination. USDA zones 3-8.

This offer is for 100 seeds.