Rosa Xanthina 30-1500 Seeds, Fragrant Wild Manchu Yellow Rose Shrub, Cold Hardy Bush

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Rosa Xanthina
Also known as: Manchu Rose, Canary Bird

A beautiful wild rose shrub that is native to open slopes and scrubby areas in central China. Wild roses often have better resistance to diseases and insects than many of the hybrid roses sold in commerce today.

It grows 5-12 feet tall and wide with upright arching canes. Reddish stems armed with reddish-brown thorns are clad with medium green leaves, each leaf having 7-13 small broad-ovate leaflets (to 1” long). Semi-double yellow 2" flowers appear for several weeks from late April into May in a dense fragrant bloom.

Excellent choice for beds and borders, flowering hedges, walls, arbors, fences or other garden structures.

Best grown in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained loams in full sun for best flowering. Tolerates poor soils and some dryness. Water deeply at the base and at best regularly in the mornings. Good air circulation promotes vigorous and healthy growth and helps control foliar diseases. Summer mulch helps retain moisture, keeps roots cool and discourages weeds. Prune as needed in late winter.
USDA zone 5-9 with some reports of zone 4.

Choose from packs of 30, 100, 500, and 1500 seeds.