Schotia Latifolia African Tree 5 Seeds, Gorgeous Bush Boer Bean

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Schotia Latifolia
Also known as: Bush Boer Bean

Family of Fabaceae
Schotia is a small genus which occurs only in southern Africa, south of the Zambezi River. 
Schotia latifolia is a tree which grows up to 3 m high where the habitat is dry and scrubby but may reach 15 m when growing in more moist areas. The crown is rounded in shape unless growing in a forest habitat where the tree will be taller and more slender, the crown shaped according to the forest canopy. The bark is usually smooth and reddish brown to grey. The leaves are compound, dark green and have a rather leathery texture.

They produce masses of crimson, cup-shaped flowers in dense bunches along their branches, in order to attract sufficient pollinators. An abundance of nectar drips from these gorgeous flowers that attracts all kinds Butterflies, bees, & birds.
It is half-hardy to frost, and as with all young plants they require protection, but a well-established tree in a protected spot, should be able to withstand a winter minimum of down to -5C (23F). 

This offer is for 5 seeds.