Bauhinia Alba 7 Seeds, Fragrant Flowering White Orchid Tree Camel's Foot

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Bauhinia Alba
Also known as: White Orchid Tree, Camel's Foot Tree

The fast growing white orchid tree grows 20 to 40 feet in height with a 20 to 30 foot spread. The slender trunks are topped with arching branches clothed in large, two lobed, deciduous leaves which resemble camel hooves. In fall, before the leaves drop, it is festooned with many showy and delightfully fragrant, five inch wide, pure white, orchid shaped blossoms. These flowers appear on the trees from January to April and are a beautiful sight to see. The flowers are followed by 12 inch long, slender, brown, flat seed pods which usually persist on the tree throughout the winter. This spectacular display makes the orchid tree a favorite for specimen and street tree plantings and is an ideal size for small residential landscapes.

It should be grown in full sun in well drained soil. These trees are very drought tolerant and actually flower best in dry soils. Problems include a tendency to show nutritional deficiencies, especially potassium; and the weak wood which is susceptible to breakage in storms. They may need occasional pruning to develop a uniform shape when they are young. Branches tend to develop low on the trunk and droop toward the ground forming a large bush if left unpruned. Occasional pruning during the life of the tree will help maintain a nice, neat appearance.
It drops its leaves but recovers when temperatures drop as low as 22 degrees Fahrenheit. If regularly subjected to freezing temperatures, the tree remains shrub-like. Hardiness USDA zones 9 through 11.

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