Butea Monosperma 5 Seeds, Flame Of The Forest, Flowering Parrot Tree

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Butea Monosperma Tree
Also known as: Flame Of The Forest, Parrot Tree

A riot of salmon/pink/orange colored flowers cover the entire crown of this medium sized tree, growing from 20-40 feet high. The trunk is usually crooked & twisted with irregular branches & rough, grey bark.
The tree is not all that appealing in Dec/Jan when it looses all its leaves, but from Jan-March it truly becomes a tree of flame. The leaves, which appear in April and May, are 10-18" wide. When fresh they are like soft suede; thick, velvety and a beautiful pale, bronze green. Old leaves are as firm and tough as leather, smooth above and hairy below. This silky down gives them a silvery appearance from a distance.

The curved parrot beak blooms contain much nectar which attracts frequent visits of many species of birds. A brilliant coloring matter can be obtained from this infusion of flowers which can be made into a dye. The leaves & seeds have many medicinal properties including help with intestinal worms, skin disorders, diabetes, sore throats, & many more.
This tree is frost sensitive, has a high drought tolerance, and a good salt tolerance. It can be grown in a container for a specimen plant.

This offer is for 5 large seeds.