Calotropis Gigantea Shrub 10 Seeds, Giant Milkweed Garden Crown Flower, Plants For Butterflies!

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Calotropis Gigantea
Also known as: Giant Milkweed, Crown Flower

This is possibly the largest of all Milkweeds and is native to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, and tropical Africa. It is a medium sized to large perennial shrub growing to normally about 6-8 feet or even more in the very hot tropics. It can also be grown in large planters to create a tropical effect just about anywhere.
It has clusters of beautiful waxy flowers that bloom all season long and are either white or lavender in color. Each flower consists of five pointed petals and a small, elegant "crown" rising from the center, which holds the stamens. It is a relative of the Hoya and the scarlet milkweed.
The plant is pollinated by insects and is a host to many, including bees and various butterflies including the Monarch butterfly!

The flowers last long, and are used in various floral arrangements. Hawaiian's consider them as a symbol of royalty and wear them strung into leis. Reported to exhibit mosquito controlling properties. There are a wide range of medicinal Uses which include a remedy for poisonous snake bites, fever, intestinal worms, stomach ulcers, asthma, abortion, and purgative. Rheumatic disorders, skin, stomach, and nerve disorders are also treated. Despite the fact of its numerous medicinal uses, this plant is recognized as a poisonous plant. Extreme caution should be taken, medical advice, and further research.
It prefers full sun to part shade. Hardy at least to zone 9, drought and salt tolerant.

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