Camptotheca Acuminata 10/150/700 Seeds, The Happy Tree, Tree Of Life, Cancer Tree

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Camptotheca Acuminata
Also known as: The Happy Tree, Tree Of Life, Cancer Tree, False Tupelo

Here is an attractive Chinese native related to the Tupelo family of trees (Nyssa). It is a lovely medium to large deciduous tree that can grow to about 70' tall, and would be a excellent choice on new lots where a leafy ornamental would be so appreciated. The lush, rich green leaves with deep veining are oval shaped with an elegant taper. They are slightly toothed and emerge with a red blush in spring. It bears large quantities of ball-shaped clusters of white flowers in summer followed by unique seed clusters that resemble a miniature bunch of bananas.

It has been long used in traditional Chinese medicine, and interestingly, all parts of this handsome tree have demonstrated some ability to treat various types of cancer. It has also been used to provide treatments for ailments as diverse as psoriasis, liver and stomach ailments, and common colds.

It grows super-fast in warm, humid areas, such as the American Gulf Coast and can even be chopped back severely to resprout more lushly than before. It does not like to dry out but with plenty of water and heat and sun, you will have a first-rate shade tree in 3 to 5 years.
USDA zones 9+
Family: Nyssaceae

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