Celosia Cristata Pink, Crested Cockscomb Seeds, Edible Flowering Heirloom Plant

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Celosia Cristata Pink
Also known as: Cockscomb

Here is an heirloom favorite many will recognize.
They are perennial plants of tropical origin in zones 10-12 and annuals everywhere else. The plant is used frequently as an ornamental and grow equally well indoors or out. They only reach about a foot tall, and their amazingly soft flowers can last for up to 8 weeks and feel like velvet. They are herbaceous meaning they lack a woody stem. They make wonderful floral arrangements both freshly cut and dried.

They are often grown as an edible crop in India, Western Africa, and South America. Their leaves and flowers can be used as vegetables. Reportedly used by Chinese herbalists to stop bleeding, treat diseases of the blood, and infections of the urinary tract.

The plants are hardy and resistant to most diseases, though is susceptible to fungal diseases The perfect place is one with no shade and with well drained soil. They grow well in both humid and arid conditions, requiring very little attention. 

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