Chaenomeles Japonica Bush 10 Seeds, Red Japanese Quince Bonsai Flowering Shrub, Cold Hardy and Fragrant

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Chaenomeles Japonica
Also known as: The Japanese Red Quince

The flowering quince, is native to eastern Asia. In particular it is believed to be native to Japan where its beauty has long been appreciated. This thorny deciduous shrub is famous for the beautiful flowers that it produces at a time of the year when little else of interest is happening in the garden. The blooms are fragrant and are attractive to butterflies, bees, and birds. Depending on the zone in which it is grown, flowering occurs in January in the deep south and late February or early March in more northerly climates. It is USDA cold hardy down to zone 4 and branches cut in the winter can be forced into bloom indoors.

The fruit is edible but hard, and not as well known for its jelly and pie making as its cousin Cydonia. C. japonica. It can grow 3'-6' in height and about as wide. Quince is also one of the most popular species for creating bonsai specimens. Average water needs, though it is drought tolerant once established. It enjoys bright sun, to partial shade along borders or among other hedges.

This offer is for 10 seeds.