Combretum Microphyllum 5 Seeds, Flame Creeper Shrub, Burning Garden Bush

The Plant Attraction


Combretum Microphyllum
Also known as: The Flame Creeper, Burning Bush

This bushwillow from Southern Africa has very striking large sprays of brilliant red flowers with prominent stamens that surely stand out. It does attract butterflies, and nectar eating birds. A robust, deciduous climber, sometimes a scrambling shrub or small tree. Does well in larger gardens where it will blend in well growing up other trees or shrubs. The large clusters of fruit are 4-winged, green tinged with red or pink when young, drying to pale yellowish brown. The seeds we offer will be cleaned of the dried paper coating of the fruits.

An established plant will not require as much water, and will grow better with a more dry winter. It is a fast grower, but frost sensitive.

This offer is for 5 seeds.