Combretum Mossambicense 5 Seeds, Frost Hardy Shrub Small Tree, Knobbly Creeper, Great Bush For Smaller Yards!

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Combretum Mossambicense
Also known as: The Knobbly Creeper

This South African native has masses of lovely fluffy pink and white flowers and they are displayed on bare branches in early spring and continue on all through summer. Fragrant and lure a variety of pollinating insects which in turn attracts insect eating birds. After flowering, winged fruits appear in a beautiful tinged pink color and dry to a papery brown. Seeds offered here will be cleaned of this 'paper'.

This beautiful species has long trailing branches and scrambles into a surrounding bush. However, it may also form either a shrub or small tree (3-4 m high, 3 m wide). Plant a group of these shrubs to form a border or train it on a trellis. Moderately fast-growing and fairly drought-resistant, the knobbly creeper prefers fertile well-drained soil that contains plenty of compost. Once established, it won't need much water. It will probably produce a better flower display if it is kept reasonably dry in winter (do not let young newly planted shrubs dry out!). Best of all it is frost hardy down to temperatures of 25F (-4C).

This offer is for 5 seeds.