Echium Candicans 15 Seeds, Perennial Sub Shrub or Garden Bush, Pride Of Madeira Plants

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Echium Candicans
Also known as: Pride Of Madeira, Echium Fastuosum

A magnificent large herbaceous perennial sub shrub, native to the islands of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean. It can grow 4-8 feet tall, and even more so wide. This rapidly growing evergreen has gray-green leaves held at the ends of the branches. Rising above the foliage in spring on into the summer are the large 20 inch long flower stalks bearing small bluish-purple flowers with reddish stamens. In person, it is absolutely stunning. Very attractive to bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Makes a good plant for mild coastal climates and seaside gardens. Prefers full sun, good drainage, and is drought tolerant. It will not accept hard pruning, but the perfectly rounded shape of young plants can be maintained by annual light tip pruning. If you let them go too long without tip pruning plants will become lanky and wildly irregular in age.

USDA zones: 9 to 10; hardy to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Many in colder regions have successfully grown this species indoors, and kept it smaller for containers.

This offer is for 15 small seeds.